Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Strength and inspiration. Laughs and encouragement. Edie has given me these things over and over again. Although we've never met, I feel so close to her. I love her. She's colorful and honest. Quirky and fun. Passionate and faithful. Creative and so crafty. I look forward to reading her blog posts every day. And she totally makes me want to move south!

I was first hooked on Edie's blog, Life in Grace, when I found her 12 Days of Handmade Christmas in 2009. I quickly bookmarked her site and have been visiting ever since. I love her 'no fear' decorating style. It's beautiful and fun with unexpected colors and delights. And she has a way of putting her deep faith into words so beautifully, it brings tears. Oh, and her recipes! Remember my Strawberry Butterdream Cake? Edie's idea.

What really inspired me, though, was reading about how she homeschools her children. I got strength from reading her posts on schooling. I wanted some of the things she shared with her kids. The field trips to the ballet or antique shop. The small special moments that can too easily slip through the cracks. Finally, after much reading and prayer, excitement replaced fear and I took the plunge into schooling at home. I laughed at Edie's post about her uniform, and now I find myself in a very similar world :)

When a friend is hurting, you hurt with them. I was devastated to tears when I read about the tragic fire that stole the home and all earthly possessions from Edie and her family. It happened two weeks ago, right before Christmas.

Now, two weeks later, it is Edie's birthday. Her friends have jumped on her blog and organized a celebration for her. Edie has given so much to so many...let's show her how she's impacted our lives. Stop in for a visit. I really think you'll love her. She's kind of amazing. And if you know Edie...even if it's only through this bloggy world...consider sharing a post about her or drop her an email.

Happy Birthday, Edie!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Really enjoyed your blog...just found Edie and I am hooked...Have read her entire blog...and loved every minute of it...Hurt for her so much...so happy I stopped by your blog

edie said...

oh marie, you bring me to tears with thanksgiving. i don't think you've ever introduced yourself but what a blessing and encouragement you are to me. bless you for reaching out, for praying for our family. i'm so thankful.
we are starting to live our lives again, little by very little. we are blessed to have such a wonderful community, here at home and online, so wonderfully bearing our burdens. thank you so much.
hugs and much love,

Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

I had no idea we shared a love for edie....EVERYONE LOVES EDIE! :) i too found myself in tears when I heard the news of the fire....I immediately had to send her some ITP down to her, cuz that's what blog friends do. :) just love that woman! :)


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