Monday, July 25, 2011

Furry Plants

Something has been chomping on my sweet potato plants.

Perhaps my k9 girls are not doing their job as aggressively as I had hoped. They're supposed to scare off the bunnies and groundhogs. Then, those little garden-eating monsters are supposed to run home and tell their family and friends that it is a BAD IDEA to munch on the garden yummies belonging to the crazy people with the crazy dogs.

Clearly, I need to take this fight to the next level.

We're super classy now, with our tin pie pan blowing and banging in the breeze...and mounds of dog hair surrounding the sweet potatoes. Some say that spreading hair (human or dog) around your garden will keep munchers away, due to the scent it holds. Being the daughter of a dog groomer has definite perks, including access to a large quantity and variety of dog hair.

It seems to be working.
The only problem is...when I water my garden, I smell wet dog! :)

Still, it's worth it when you see little beauties like these:

Do you have any tricks for keeping rabbits, groundhogs, and deer away from your garden plants?


Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

Really unattractive chicken wire! Hubs fenced in all his raised beds this year in chicken wire and we're finally defeating the wild life buffet table!;) Before that, we tried hair (donated by sisters-in law), etc. We may or may not have allowed our little man to pee around the perimeter of our garden...on occasion...hypothetically speaking. Nothing worked until the chicken wire. You're garden looks so purty!;) Those tomatoes are making my mouth water, girl!!!

On a completely unrelated'd the awesome mom room project turn out? Hit me with some pictures!!! I'm knee deep in the our school room makeover...super yuck! There is not a room in my house that is not ripped apart at the moment. It's days like these...

Kristin said...

Let me know if the fur keeps the fur away! ;o)

Got my school books last night....
Oh boy!


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