Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Girls

I don't mention our girls much in my posts, although they do manage to squeeze into some pictures here and there. I thought it was time I told you a little about the hairy beasts in my life. They drive me crazy. They bark for no reason. They fill my vacuum bags with their lovely fur at an alarming rate. They're part of our family and a big contributor to the chaos in our home. We love them.

This is Zoey. She's a Norwegian Elkhound/Golden Retriever mix. We adopted her from a rescue agency a few years ago. She's goofy and happy all the time. She gets nervous when things are out of place or possibly lurking around corners. She's quirky and clingy. She follows me from room to room...eagerly awaiting the chance to dive onto my feet when I sit down. Her absolute favorite things to do are tugging on a rope dragging full-sized people across the living room floor and fetching sticks. The larger the stick, the better. They usually look like trees.

{Goober may or may not have hit his dad's grill with a stick. This is him running away.}

This is Keara. I don't have many pictures of Keara because her favorite thing to do is sneak off and get into trouble. She's theoretically a German Shepherd/Lab mix. Obviously, there's something small mixed in there. We're convinced it's terrier. Lots and lots of terrier. We adopted Keara from a rescue agency nine years ago. She and her puppy siblings were abandoned in the woods with their mama shortly after birth...in the middle of winter. {I don't understand people.} She acts like a young puppy if you give her a new stuffed toy. She loves to wrestle with her "daddy". She growls and bites his arms {wagging her tail the whole time} when he grabs her legs and feet. She only wrestles like that with him and saves the fetching for me and the kids. She's loving and hospitable but is also kind of a diva. Although she knows she's not allowed on the furniture, somewhere along the line she decided that she has a right to that sofa when we're not home or in bed. I'm not a fan of hairy furniture, so we fought it for a while. Eventually, we gave in and now we cover the sofa with a sheet at night and when we leave the house. I know she thinks she's getting away with something. I let her walk around with that smug look on her face because she still rolls over for belly rubs and always greets me with an enthusiastic tail-wagging hello in the morning.

These are our girls. They fit right in.


Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

They're great! Now you have me thinking we should get SP a dog for her b-day...just kidding. The peeps will do for now.
love ya!

Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

Cute dogs. Hope your having a great day! :)


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