Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dish Mat

Our dish drain is scummy. Nice lead-in, right? Sometimes I don't know how to start these things;) Anyway...for some reason, we have a hard time keeping our drain-mat-thingy clean. I'm not sure why or how-- those are clean dishes that drain on it. I'm sure it's due to neglect of some sort on my part. Regardless of why or how it gets nasty...our dish-draining system needs revamped. So, we tossed the sink mat, and I took advantage of the opportunity addressed the need with a sewing project.

I've had this dish mat project bookmarked for over a year! Well, last night I cut a few strips of fabric, sewed them together with a towel backing, and voila! A new dish mat that I actually like! I had everything lying around {quite literally, I'm afraid--when I get in project mode, my fabric often occupies the living room chair}, so it didn't cost me anything. The fabric matches my new kitchen valances. {I will show you when I get them to stop mocking me. It was a simple project that took multiple nights last week, and it's still fighting I took a break.} The great thing about this complex drying system is that I can hang it to dry and toss it in the washer when it needs washed.

I used the tutorial found here, but I had to trim down the size a bit to fit the towel I had. Just work with what you've got;)

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jill said...

Oh My goodness Marie! I just read this same idea on MaryJane Farms chatroom just a few days ago. I thought, "what a clever idea!" I guess great minds really do think alike.

And yes. It was us stinking up the neighborhood. I love the fresh country air. It's too bad you aren't close enough to hear the girls when they lay an egg. Lilac and Gladys were really cackling this afternoon!

Marianne said...

That looks beautiful. Can't wait to see your new curtains. I am in creation mode myself right now. Here is to long naps for the toddler.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Now that is cute! I'm excited to see the valances, when they stop being snotty with you.

I might have to sew. We could use one of two of these.

Susan said...

Oh, I love it! I must make one! Love that you drink out of Mason jars too! We do that in our house too - those jars are really handy and they look great on the table. :)

Patti said...

What a neat idea! I love the fabric that you used.

Kristin said...

OK! I am going to try my best to make one of these too! Yours looks beautiful Marie! I love it!

Melinda said...

What a great idea! I really don't like those plastic thingees that always get scummy. Now if I can ever get to my sewing machine again... :)

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Thanks, Melinda. I seem to go months without touching my machine, and then I get on a project roll. I think I may get a few more things sewn before I jump into painting season;) Good luck with yours!

Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

So this is the curtain material? Love it!

Robin said...

Aren't these great? I made them for Christmas presents but yours is oh so much cuter! And oh so much neater!!!!

I use mine every day!
I'm gonna do more of them!
I love your fabric...xo

My Wonderfully Made said...

wow -- this is really cute!! And no one can say you're 'wasting' time crafting because it's PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL!

MarieElizabeth said...

This is beautiful. I could use something that looks this nice near my sink too. I will need to try it out. Thanks for sharing!


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