Monday, April 4, 2011

Gratitude Journal #3

21.  a child asleep on my lap
22.  fellowship with ladies from church
23.  honey in my tea
24.  a repaired vacuum cleaner
25.  sermons that make me think...and laugh
26.  great music that helps me through my chores
27.  chicken in the crockpot
28.  laundry rack in the kitchen on a rainy day
29.  eskimo, butterfly, and puppy dog kisses
30.  a laughter-filled Saturday morning with a dear friend


Marianne said...

I love your list. eskimo, butterfly and puppydog kisses, such fun descriptions of childrens kisses.

Melinda said...

Chicken in the crock pot - laughter in the house and lots of kisses - are some of my favorite things as well!

jill said...

Hi Re! Can't wait to have another laughter filled Saturday morning!


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