Friday, April 1, 2011


We had family game night recently. We played Hullabaloo, Hyperslide, and Blackjack. Quite the variety, huh? It's hard to take pictures when you're "doing a funky dance" and whipping passing pucks back and forth, but I managed to snap a few shots of our blackjack lessons...

Does this count as math?

This little stinker just liked saying, "Hit me!" 
When we told her it wasn't her turn, she looked at her older brother and said, "Hit him."

My Goober tried so hard to maintain a good poker face...

But he just couldn't do it. 
He would light up like a Christmas tree when he had a good hand. 
Love that guy.

This one's all about careful planning and calculations. 
He's much better at the art of deception.
Love him, too;)

I kept getting yelled at to "put down the camera and get in the game". 
There were plenty of not-so-nice photos of my very loving husband 
expressing his appreciation for my desire to capture each moment. 
I've decided not to share them here because he made it clear that 
he has access to posting on this blog. 
I think I'll stay on his good side.
(And check into that posting thing.)

btw...I won.


Driftwood Girl said...

We love playing board/card games too! Your little girl is so cute! "Hit him" :D I think games with the whole family is such a great bonding activity. Love this glimpse!

jill said...

Sounds like a fun game night. If there is any leftovers of that taco lasagne, I'm sure your dear, sweet, neighbor would love some!


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