Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Old Comforter

Remember these scraps?

Dutch has needed a new comforter or quilt for his bed for a long time. 
{Actually, ever since he grew like 12 inches last summer! The boy's almost as tall as me!}
Anyway, his current quilt is too small, so I'm going to make him a new one. 
I really, truly am.
He doesn't believe me because I've been "cutting out his fabric" for over a year. 
He picked out the colors and the design. 
He wants a Storm at Sea quilt like this one...

It's going to be amazing...but I'm guessing you can understand why I'm dragging my feet.
The other day, it hit me...
I have a fabric stash and a perfectly good comforter that is not being used. Apparently, 9-year olds and teenagers {ouch...that word} just don't appreciate Scooby Doo the way they once did, so it was stored away in our linen closet.

I decided to try making a duvet cover. I didn't have much to lose! 
It only took a couple hours, and Dutch loves it! 
{For now. He does remind me that it's temporary, though:)}

He's a big fan of bright colors...

{Just wait til we get his room and furniture painted! Oh, yes...he has BIG plans.}
Not bad for a quick project that keeps his feet warm :)


Marianne said...

Oh my, that is one beautiful quilt and yes I can totally understand why you are dragging your feet.
I really like the temporary one though and can't wait to see the big reveal of his new "teenage" room.

Susan said...

Wonderful! Love the patchwork duvet! The other quilt is stunning but will definitely take some time, yes?


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'd be dragging my feet, too! That looks like a really complicated pattern.

The duvet cover turned out great! It looks like it definitely fits in the with the rest of the room.


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