Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whistle While You Work...

In the interest of Anti-Procrastination Tuesday, I've decided to post the chore system that has been working for us for about a year now. I've struggled with keeping a system that works...both for me and the kiddos. I've tried to clean a different room from top to bottom each day, but I learned that I hate to get out the glass cleaner, wood cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner multiple times a week. I'd rather make my way around the house, cleaning windows one day, dusting wood another, and cleaning bathrooms another.

It also helps to have it all written down to hold myself accountable. And this way, I can say, "Time for chores" instead of, "vacuum your room, clean up the clutter, make your bed, empty the trash, etc."

I went around from room to room and wrote down everything that needed to be cleaned or maintained each week. Then, I divided these tasks into 6 days, taking Sunday off. Next, I color-coded tasks to make it easy for the kids to see what they are responsible for each day. Dutch needs to complete the green tasks, and Goober is responsible for blue. They need to work together for red tasks. Black is generally my responsibility, and Tootsie folds laundry and loves to clean windows:)

I had the lists laminated so chores can be checked off with a dry erase marker each day and then wiped clean. We tend to be more relaxed during the summer, but I know I'll appreciate this system as we start homeschooling this year. I need all the organization I can get!

Click on the image to see our chore system.*

*I do not have a super clean and tidy house. It's a work in progress. Some weeks, I don't get everything vacuumed. Some weeks, I scrub the toilets, but I skip the tubs. (gasp!) What's great, though, is that it's all written down so it's one less thing for me to try to remember! :)


val said...

I love your chore list! Great idea!

Beth said...

It is interesting how we progress through the chore list methods. When the kids were young, we had the charts and various systems. It really has just come down to me being there with them, teaching them when and how to do certain tasks around the house. However you find that works for your family, when your kids see you valuing the housework, and then valuing their contribution, the process sticks and they grow up being able to get jobs done on their own. You're doing a good thing! Thanks for sharing about your color coded list. Love it!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Way to go! It sounds like you have it all under control now. Smart.

Marianne said...

Wow, you are so organized. I love your lists. I keep trying to make lists like that, but my weeks change so much all the time that I get thrown off track right away. I also have a hard time to get my husband to help follow up with the rutines and help the kids with their chores. I think I will try again and just make it a goal for when school starts up in September.
I will certainly keep your list in mind. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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