Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well. I thought I was prepared. I knew homeschooling would require me to make some adjustments to my schedule. I just didn't realize that I would need to completely replace said schedule with an entirely different one. We jumped into our schooling on Monday. That's right. It's been TWO days. Remember this chore chart? Ha! At least, the boys have been faithful to their responsibilities. I was barely able to keep the meals a'comin'.

We ran into some computer snags on Monday, so math took twice as long as it should have. Also, I made the mistake of waiting for a little man to finish grammar work before moving on. That little man does not enjoy grammar work, so it took sooo looong. Today, I simply said, "Don't stress about it. Whatever you don't get finished in our language time, you can finish in the afternoon." It was like someone hit fast forward. We were finished right around lunch time today, instead of 2:30 pm.

Despite the huge block of my day newly designated to school and my falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, we really are having fun! All of us! What a priceless gift to be able to see the expression on your 12-year old's face during a science experiment! Or to let your 9-year old spend extra time on a drawing, simply because he's having fun. To see a 3-year old's satisfaction after completing her own "school paper"...just like her big brothers. It's amazing.

And I'm learning...not just about geography, but also about balance. The basket of ironing is packed like brown sugar, and I think I may not pick up another paint brush until Christmas break. But that's got to be okay. There's some major dying-to-self happening here, as I strive to adequately fill this new role. I'm leaning on God for strength and patience I know I don't possess. Lessons don't come much more powerful than that.

ps. I'd have more pics of this crazy new school experience, but my camera card is full, and I haven't had time to empty it:)


Marianne said...

That is so nice that you all are enjoying homeschooling. We are starting up on September 7th with both public school and homeschooling and that is for one kid. She is doing American public school and then I homeschool her in Norvegian. I have got all her public school supplies in order, but for home I have at least ordered her book. I am not looking forward to this, but I hope we will have as much fun as you and your kids are having.

jill said...

You are doing great. Sounds like Mama is learning some great lessons. Just keep taking it one day at a time. (You may have to remind me of these words next week when I start school!)


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Marianne~ I'll be praying for your homeschooling, too. As Jill told me...Just take it one day at a time:)

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Thanks, Jill. Your encouragement is so appreciated...as always:) I know, without a doubt, that this was the right decision.

Marianne said...

I am taking one day at the time. I think that has become my motto this summer. Found out today that the Norwegian homeschooling program starts on Monday already which is the day that she has her surgery. I had to write and tell them that she will most likely be unavailable and unable to start until the 7th. Such at "good start", but the teacher was great about it and just wished us the best of luck.
Hope everything is going better now for you and the kids.

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Thanks, Marianne. Your daughter will be fine with school. One of the great things about being at home is that she will catch up in no time. She (and you) can focus on her surgery. I'll be praying for her.


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