Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today, the youngest man of the house is nine years old. I can hardly believe it. 

The last nine years have been filled with laughs, love, and black and blues. 

Our Goober has always been a seeker of adventure...leaping first, getting stitches later. 

 He's embraced his role as big brother and is adored by Tootsie.
He loves hangin' with his big bro.

He looks up to his dad and is more like him than either of them realize!

He's an outdoor guy and will choose soccer, badminton, fishing, or digging in the dirt over video games.

 He thinks outside the box and requests dirt dessert instead of birthday cake.
 He has a contagious laugh and will do anything to make you smile.
He's a toughy...with a soft heart. 

He's a caring sensitive soul who will go into fierce battle for any of his loved ones. 

He plays hard and prays hard. 

He's growing into an amazing young man, and I'm proud to call myself his Mama Mom.
Happy Birthday Goober!


Michelle said...

What beautiful children you have! Wishing a Happy Birthday to your son!

After reading your profile i can relate to Chocolate covered Chaos! (Love the chocolate and learning to appreciate the chaos!)

At least your dishes aren't on the floor and your laundry isn't in the sink! When it gets that chaotic, we know we're in real trouble!Lol

Glad to have found your blog!

Have a blessed week!

Marie said...

Thanks Michelle!

Sometimes I think I might as well have the dishes on the floor and the laundry in the sink! At least the dogs would work at 'cleaning' the dishes! :)

So glad you visited today! Have a wonderful week!

Heather said...

Wow, I cannot believe you're big guy is 9! Happy birthday wishes from our fam!

Hope you are doing well. I left a message last week, but we were having trouble with our phone and I'm not sure you ever got it.

I'll try again this week...
love ya!

glenda09 said...

Aww... They grow soo quick! :( I wish they can stay little forever! Happy belated birthday to your youngest baby! Thank you for the comment! I'm following you now as well!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Congratulations to the handsome young man AND his Momma! Now that I've had kids I always say that when the kids cut the cake, the mother should get a small bouquet for the hard work she did on that special day in time! ;-0
BTW - I won't judge for the yummy Shoo Fly pie recipe if you don't judge that I made cake box cookies for our guests last night instead of from scratch! (Does it sound better when I say I always add lots of extra oatmeal!)

Susan said...

How sweet! Loved this post Marie. Our girls will be 8 and 11 this hard to see them grow up on one hand, but on the other, it's rewarding as well. What a quandry for a mom...

Thank you for sharing about your son and family.


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