Sunday, May 9, 2010

Field Day!

Friday turned into a beautiful day filled with laughs and smiles. I was able to attend field day at the boys' school, along with Tootsie and my parents. It was a day filled with races, fruit pops, cookies, buckets of water, blankets in the grass, and a little sunburn to remind us of the full day spent outdoors. I'm so glad I remembered my camera this year...

Okay, so here's how this one works: You need to run with your empty cup to the bucket of water out ahead. Fill your cup with water. Bring it back, holding it on your head, and dump it into your empty bucket, trying to be the first relay team to fill your bucket. The catch? The cup has a hole in the bottom! This was so funny to watch!

 {Tootsie watching the craziness with Nana and Pappy}

{Hockey Relay}

{Tootsie swingin' with Nana}

{Tootsie and Pappy can make just about anything into a game!}

{After the events, fruit pops were passed out to all the kids...including a thrilled Tootsie.}

{I snapped this pic when Tootsie yelled, "1...2...ready or not, here I come!"}

What a great day!

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