Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My sickness

I love playing with crafts and projects contributing to my surroundings with constructive improvements. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finishing one project before moving on to another. I get bored with what I'm currently working on or become inspired by something new that I just have to try. (or as Hubs says, "Ooh...shiny object!")

These are the things in the works right now:

~paint the living room, stairs and hall

 ~paint the other hallway (paint on some walls, chalkboard paint on one wall)

~garden (doing raised beds this year & still have to get the soil mix in the beds)
(The kiddos helped me paint the boxes :)

~refinish the porch swing (It was my grandmother's. My parents made a frame for it for Christmas. It needs new chains and new paint.)

~paint the entertainment stand (I'm trying to lighten up the colors in the house...lose the brown. This will be a gray/blue similar to the Nester's armoire.)
(Of course, using this gray/blue will ultimately lead to changing this to a gray/blue as well.)

~finish a quilt that I just put in the frame a week ago (It's a gift, so it has a deadline.)

~potty train our little Tootsie (who has completely lost all interest in using the potty)

I won't even list the quilt that I promise Dutch or the cross stitched Christmas stocking that is started for Tootsie.

Still, when I'm faced with this...
 "Mommy, will you play with me?"

I have to stop and sit on the floor to play with my munchkin.

There may or may not have been fishy kisses involved.


Heather said...

Oh my gracious...another shared illness! I hear ya, lady jane.

I thought I posted a comment yesterday but, alas, it's not here.

Thanks so much for your encouraging thoughts and support! I so wish we were closer, too. Maybe someday.

love ya!

Amy Bowman said...

this would be a great post to add to "Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays" at New Nostalgia. We have great fun every week encouraging each other on in our projects..


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