Monday, October 10, 2011


Typical chaos is in full-swing at our house.
The mornings start off with lemon water or iced coffee.
The evenings often end with foot massages and heating pads.
Somewhere in between, we're soaking up life.

The boys are doing well with school.
Although, I get a bit of whining when it's time for Latin.
And Goober's most popular question with math is, "Why do I have to show my work if I already know the answer? It seems like such a waste of time."
My oldest is now taller than me...and he points that out every single day.
He seems to be enjoying science again this year. I never know what I'm going to find on my counter.

Tootsie finds things to do when I'm working with the boys, but she's asking to participate with school activities a lot more than last year. That means Mama has to step it up. I take her to story time at the library on Tuesdays, and she absolutely loves it. I can't believe she's almost through the preschool group, though. Not sure what happened to my baby.

I have painting goals and cleaning goals and sewing goals...
But for now, I'm living in organized chaos...
And I'm good with it.


Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

Looks like you're having a great time amid the chaos!;) Love ya!

Kristin said...

Love this!
So excited that you had a post for me today.
As if....
It was all about me!
You water marked before me!
I have spent all morning trying to figure out how to do it!
I am a water mark looser.
Couldn't get it....yet?
What's the secret?
Is it as complicated as it appears???

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

You know what's great? You're going to have all this documented for later, because of your blog. I wish I could remember more of the day to day things when my kids were younger.

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Almost makes me want to homeschool again! Almost. :)


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