Friday, July 15, 2011

What day is it?

We're having a great summer. My toilets, floors, and overall dust collection has never looked so...interesting. That's how I know. We've grilled at picnics, picked some vegetables, camped in the back yard, hung out at Irish festivals, hit the drive-in movie for a double feature...and just got back from our first camping trip of the summer. It was only one night, but the location was Knoebel's Amusement Resort. So there was a lot happening. (I'm exhausted.)

Next year, we'll probably plan to stay a couple nights so we can actually sit by the campfire at night...instead of dragging our tired bodies from the amusement park back to our camper at closing time and dropping like flies, not even aware or caring who has clean feet or teeth.

Today, I have so much dirty laundry...I can't even completely open the laundry room door. But it's Friday, so that worked out nicely :) Someday, I may have a thought to share or a completed project to show you...but for now, I'm in full force summer mode. We're busy bees...working and playing...but as long as the plants are green and we're making memories, I'll hold on tight and go with it.

 Me and My Man

 My mom and dad joined us for part of the day.

 The Tilt-a-Whirl is a favorite of my Chaos-makers. 
Unfortunately, this mama cannot do circles or spinning, so Dad and Nana each took a turn.

 We ate yummy, bad things. 
It's good to be the one holding the camera :)

 I only managed to get shots of the mellow rides, but the only thing stopping that little princess of ours from climbing onto all those major roller coasters was the height requirement. We took her on the craziest coasters she could ride, and she LOVED it. She wanted to go again and again. I have a bruise on my thigh from being thrown around on those things. Seriously. 

Speaking of crazy...


Lyndsie said...

1. Knoebel's is one of my favorite amusement parks of all time. I looove the Phoenix.
2. Dylan's face on the mini cars? Priceless.
3. I didn't know that Rick was your dad until... like... now. Small world :)
4. Hope you're well! We should make plans some time when life slows down, I would like to hang out with you!

Kristin said...

Dearest Marie~
I know the summer is zooming by.
I know you are taking it in and soaking it up!
I love all of the family photos!
I love that you are so connected to your family and making memories!
I miss seeing you much.
I am so happy that you are grabbing every moment that you can.
School will be here before you know it.
Love ya and miss ya!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

How FUN! You are so smart to enjoy this while you can!

Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

Wow...what a super fun trip...looks like so much fun! And, I can tell you from personal experience that your dust bunnies are not taking it personally...promise!;) Soak it up, sister!!! Let's catch up soon...


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