Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Picnic

We had a picnic at my mom and dad's house over the weekend. I love hanging out with family...especially in the summer. We eat grilled food, play badminton, sit around and talk, and when we get hot...we turn on the hose. It's simple and perfect.

{my brother}

The Chaos Kiddos have two uncles: My brother and my hubby's brother. So when they see either one...well, they delight in possessing their uncles' undivided attention and energy. Between you and me...I don't think the uncles mind too much :)

Someone got a badminton birdie stuck up in a tree. 
Then, someone decided to throw a racket to get it down. 
We ended up with a birdie and a racket stuck in a tree. 

This is kind of par for the course with my family. I have sweet memories of camping with my parents and grandparents as a child. We would sit outside the camper, shooting little plastic darts up into the trees. Someone would get a dart stuck and shoot another one up to get it down. I don't know how many were up there at one time...but oh, the persistence.

My man had to work all day. Fortunately, he was able to work with the sound of picnic fun in the background. He brought his laptop and other techie stuff along and munched on picnic food as he rebooted servers and whatnot. You can tell I know what I'm talking about.

This is 'the look' I often get from my loving husband. It's how I know I'm getting through, and we're really connecting. I wonder what he'd like to say to me...'cause he's definitely thinking something. Can you feel the love?

After we stuffed ourselves with multiple plates of food, we decided to take a walk. The neighbor mows a grass path that meanders through the surrounding corn fields. It was a nice walk...and an amazing view!

{Goober and my grandmother...aka Nan or Nanny}

This is the part of the walk where Tootsie asks, "Are we there yet?"
{Tootsie with my mom and dad...aka Nana and Pappy}

The evidence of a great day...

Happy Memorial Day!

To all soldiers, veterans, and military families...thank you for giving more than most of us will ever comprehend.


Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

Looks like so much fun! You got some great pics of the kids. I can't believe how much your brother looks like your dad!;)

love ya!

Beth said...

No fair- you got sunshine for your holiday. Just teasin'! What a beautiful day. Everyone looks so happy and content. That is a blessing. I did take note of the computer and thought that was a little odd, but not unlike some of our family get-togethers. What a great way to work! Thank God for technology, huh? Thanks for the post. Have a great week.

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Haha, Beth:) Yeah, we can be a little odd, in general...but we did have a reason this time. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for the technology. It would have been rotten if my hubby couldn't have been there with I DO need to remember to see the glass as half full ;)

Kristin said...

My kind of party! ;o)

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

I love to see families being families! Such precious times.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

What a great day! Your kids are so lucky to have extended family around.


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